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Celebrities and Diamonds | Are Diamonds the New Normal?

Forget wearing your heart on your T-Shirt - wear it around your neck

Celebrities have proved that slaying diamonds every day is the new normal. Last year diamond spotting wasn’t just limited to red carpets. From Zendaya to Kylie Jenner, celebs have made our jaws drop with some unique pieces of sparkling and dazzling diamonds.   

A few jewels remain in our memories for a lifetime. We all know that diamonds last a lifetime, but which ones would you like to go for? What makes some diamonds stand out while others are ignored? We can safely say that celebrities and other important figures we hear about in the news are partly creating that impact on us.

For instance, Gigi Hadid leaves a striking remark every time she experiments with her jewelry.

From Paris Fashion Week to Chanel endorsements, she gets all the attention because of her unique sense of fashion. So let us talk about a few celebrities who are PRO when it comes to styling jewelry with their own style.

Remember when Reese Witherspoon rocked an infinity necklace on the red carpet. That necklace was a perfect fit for the modest black dress that she wore. She was in the news for quite a while for her simple yet elegant look. You can get similar infinity necklaces with a lot of variations on online stores.

Little Sassy….Little Classy

From Kim Kardashian to Priyanka Chopra, stacking thin chains are symbols of street-style outfits. You might have seen Kim Kardashian experimenting with her stack chain for most of her tight trendy outfits. In case you want to try something similar like Kim, do not forget to grab those stack chains. They add an extra charm to your look.

Royalty = Simplicity

It is important to remember that diamonds are not only for the royals. Meghan Markle made us realize that royalty is nothing but simplicity. After giving away the title “Duchess of Sussex”, she shined with a simple diamond bracelet at many charity events.

You can style that bracelet almost every day with any desired outfit. Get a good deal on diamond bracelets online and give yourself the diamond you deserve.

Studs! Studs! Studs!

Have you noticed something about Deepika Padukone’s airport looks? She always has those small ear to

ps paired with each outfit. The Queen of Bollywood likes to slay diamond studs every time she gets papped. Being papped may not be everyone’s dream but getting those cute diamond studs really is. 

Even if we don’t realize it, celebrities have a huge impact on us. When it comes to diamonds, it is a misconception that only celebrities are the elite society that can actually afford rings and other sparkles. But now the time has changed. Vairam offers a similar celebrity-like collection to transform your dream into reality. Get some of the best diamond studs, dainty chains, and sparkling bracelets on our website.