“You’ll never go wrong if you are wearing a black dress. And if the black dress is paired up with diamonds, you are unbeatable.”

Black is a colour that speaks luxury, power, elegance, class and even passion. Every woman’s wardrobe should include a black dress, and you can see some wearing black attire every time they go out with friends. The black dress has been a fashion masterpiece for decades and can be worn to any occasion (you have got no limits). It has the advantage of matching perfectly with any accessories and jewellery, mainly diamonds. While your jewellery preferences may have shifted over time, one thing may remain constant: the urge to properly match your diamonds with your outfits. And when it comes to a black dress, the trend is different. Dig inside this blog to know how you can create a badass look with your black outfit and diamonds. We have some cool suggestions for you!
1. The neckline shows off
Is there a beautiful diamond necklace in your closet that you haven’t worn because you can’t think of what to wear with it? Choosing the right neckpiece for your stunning necklines is surely a difficult task. So this is what you have to do.
If you love to wear turtlenecks, try wearing them with a small diamond pendant made of white gold. You can also add some little zing with a pair of long earrings to complete the look.
Complement a V-neck black outfit with a V-neck necklace. Just ensure the chain matches the shape of the top. A slimmer chain with a locket complements V-necks perfectly.
If you are going strapless, a diamond choker will do the work for you. It highlights your shoulder and neck giving a stellar finish.
A long adorned necklace with a multi-strand or a single-strand looks stunning with a boat neck outfit. These add the necessary elegance and glitz you need.
2. Walk the talk with diamond + gold combo

Most people are already aware of how well black and gold complement each other. This information is deeply embedded in your memory regardless of where you are in the universe. You’ll most likely be wearing some black dresses, such as a cute black mini skirt. In this case, you can choose a statement diamond earring with gold to pair up your look. Both the gold and diamond are infused together to give you a radiant appearance.

3. Black dress & ornamentations

If your black dress has tassels, embellishments, or other adornments already, keep your accessories minimal. If you want to go out all with the sparkles, stick to a single colour of jewellery. It can either be normal gold, white gold or rose gold attached with diamonds.

4. The occasion speaks

You can look captivating for any occasion if you wear the right diamond jewellery with your black outfit.

For more casual occasions, such as birthdays or reunions, a little black dress is enough with some playful and low key diamond jewellery. A pendant and earrings, worn together or separately, will beautify your look of the day.
Wear an elegant or chic black dress to a special occasion, such as a date or cocktail party. Combine your dress with a glamorous diamond pendant set or a bracelet. Wearing multiple pieces of jewellery is not a good idea since it collapses the whole look. So our advice is to opt for a single well-chosen piece of jewellery.
For more formal occasions, such as a work conference or a wedding, simply add some lustre with stunning single large jewellery pieces, such as a loaded diamond necklace or big long earrings.
Bonus Tips!

When it comes to styling a black dress with diamonds, you should always start with a centrepiece and work your way out from there. Of course, your teensy black dress steals the show. Even though, your diamond can also play a key role. Assume you’ve decided to go with a diamond necklace as the centrepiece. If this is the case, stick to a minimal secondary piece such as a solitaire ring or single stud earrings.

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