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What diamonds do you use?

We use only 100% natural certified diamonds. VS and Si are the most popular types of diamonds for lifestyle jewellery. As it is very affordable and valuable.
Diamonds in the VS range are the most popular for eye-clean diamond purchases. VS2 and SI1 are the two most popular diamond grades, representing more than 40% of all diamond purchases.

The clarity of a diamond, which is measured from FL (flawless) to I (included), is determined under 10x magnification, where inclusions, or small imperfections, are visible. Noticeable inclusions are graded as SI or slightly included. SI is in the center of the clarity scale. A diamond with SI inclusions is visible under 10x magnification.
While VS is a diamond with small inclusions that can only be seen with 10x magnification and is almost impossible to see without any magnification. There are two versions of VS, VS1- Very slightly included- 1, and VS2- very slightly included-2.

What metal are the products made of?

We sell only products made of gold. Vairam is known to sell 14k,18k, and 22k gold as per the customer’s choice. The product description will give you all the details of each collection or category.

Do you offer a cleaning service or care for jewellery sold online?

Yes. All jewellery purchased from Vairam is applicable for lifetime maintenance service. For booking the service contact our staff via customercare@vairam.sg
Vairam recommends each piece should be checked and cleaned every few months in order to prevent wear and usage, tarnished metals, and loose prongs or gemstones.

Can I custom design any jewellery?

Yes, we create tailor-made designs for all kinds of diamond jewellery. At Vairam we believe in customer satisfaction and we do not mind going one step beyond to bring a smile to your face. An engagement ring designed specifically for you is a beautiful expression of love and a reflection of your unique personality. We would love to customize any piece as per your choice.
Call our design team to guide you in the process @ +65 84422726 or email us at bhuvan@vairam.sg

What if I need help placing an order?

We understand that customers can face several challenges during online shopping. You might get confused or stuck. We are ready to resolve all your queries within 24 hours. Vairam is available online for you 24X7. You can chat with our customer service anytime for any query. Contact our service, and Get advice from our design expert.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all types of credit/’debit cards including Visa, MasterCard as well as PayPal, and Grab Pay.
You can use a bank transfer as an alternative option. If you face any queries related to payment use, you can use our live chat feature for step-by-step guidance from our team.

How to track my order?

Once you order anything from our website, you will get a notification with all the product details and estimated delivery date. To track your package go to www.vairam.sg and you will see a track order button at the top right corner of the homepage.
Login and click that button to check your order shipping status. We provide you step by step updates through emails and text messages till you receive the order at your door.

What are the delivery charges?

We do free delivery within 5 hours for all our ready stock products. It takes a maximum of up to 3 weeks to deliver customized orders. But we could make it before 3 weeks if our production is finished earlier. We deliver your product through a safe and secure logistics partner.
The customer has to pay for the shipping charges in case of international orders. Additionally, customs duty and other taxes levied by the destination country have to be paid by the customer to the logistics partner at the time of delivery. The delivery of all consignments is on a Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) basis.

What is the estimated delivery time/date?

The estimated delivery time depends upon the type of collection you choose. If you order something from the available stock then it will arrive early while the “made to order” purchase will take a little time (not more than 3 weeks).

Ready Stock

Items selected from our ready collection stocked in Singapore will be shipped immediately upon receipt of payment. We will share tracking details with you via your preferred channel of communication (SMS or Email).

Made to order:

Items selected from the made-to-order collection will be shipped in 3 weeks. We will share the status of your order and update you regularly via your preferred channel of communication (SMS or email).

Your order will be processed the next day after 9 pm if you place it after our service time on a regular business day. Our shipping time slot opens by 9 am and closes at 9 pm except on public holidays.

Where is your store located?

Vairam is an online jewellery brand based out of Singapore. We only sell our products online and at present do not have any brick and mortar store. We operate orders, queries, and customer lifecycle through our website www.vairam.sg.

At Vairam, the team runs its operations from our corporate office and design rooms.
Our corporate office address :
Le Shantier,519 Baliester road Singapore.

We believe in making our designs availability and delivery as convenient as possible for our customers. Vairam facilitates door-step delivery with 100% safety. Forget about hows and whys when shopping for jewellery with us. With detailed product description, hallmark, certification, legit payment methods, and honest customer feedback have helped us to gain the trust of millions of shoppers. We protect our age-old legacy through transparency in our communication.