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Who We Are

Vairam is a Singapore-based online diamond jewellery firm started in 2021 . As a brand , VAIRAM believes every women deserves to feel the freedom of making decisions on her own . We, as diamond connoisseurs, feel that “Diamond Is For Everyone.” and we mean it! All of our diamonds are designed and made to be extremely affordable, and they are all natural diamonds.. In our journey we met a lot of amazing men and women, and we’ve realized that they’re all different, with different perspectives and styles.

We want to be known as a brand that not only provides light weight, minimal, and innovative diamond jewellery, but also inspires and empowers women in our community to make the best decisions for themselves. In a world where profit maximization is the goal, we choose to focus on customer’s value and their fulfilment.



Our Story



"The Go Getter"

Sakthi Vignesh


"The Dreamer "
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Our mission is to encourage everyone to buy diamonds from their convenient place . We wanted to create a unique and convenient online jewellery shopping experience for our customers. Specifically for first-time diamond buyers, we wanted to build a safe place for them to purchase diamond jewellery online without any fear or doubts. We operate tirelessly to ensure our buyers receive sheer care from the initial search to the final purchase and beyond.

We always desired to match up diamonds with western outfits to break the myth of “Jewellery is not a part of western wear”. At Vairam we are focused on creating ingenious styles to be more western and chic with some shades of diamonds.

How We Build it

The initial concept may be a light bulb moment, but turning it into a viable business is no walk in the park. But we can’t dispute that we had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Any idea can start a business, but developing that idea into a viable venture is not easy. We’ve had an unbelievable voyage with an endless number of barriers, twists and turns, people left us ,constant set backs and what not . It was a testing time for the whole team emotionally, physically, and financially.

Building this firm during the pandemic has been a difficult process for us. Yes, the concept was invented, developed, arranged, and launched virtually , we met all our team members through job sites, collaborated in Google Hangouts, developed on Skype, and talked in WhatsApp groups. Despite all of the hurdles encountered during the process, this has been the most amazing experience.

Brand Our Story

Our Jewellery

At Vairam, we design jewellery for the playful and contemporary wardrobe style with a touch of minimalism and creativity. Our designs are inspired by the modern age of women and fashion trends go hand-in-hand. We are fixated to create affordable and minimal collections that our customers can wear for everyday occasions

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